Terms & Conditions

The present document contains the Conditions of Use of the Website, hereinafter “The Conditions”, which regulate the use of the Website www.BestDeals12.com “The Web”, which has made available to BestDeals12 users, Hereinafter referred to as “BestDeals12”.

It is hereby established that the access and use of the Web assumes acceptance of the Conditions, without requiring any further statement from the user.

BestDeals12 undertakes to publish The Conditions on the Web, and its modifications that are made thereafter, for the knowledge of its users and advertisers.


It is considered a user to any natural or legal person who makes use of the Web, being understood as such from the moment of access. The users that access the Web, declare to know and accept the Conditions, as well as the applicable legislation in Peru and the consequences that generate the access and use of the same.

BestDeals12 does not control or offer any kind of guarantee regarding the identity of the users, nor about the veracity, validity and authenticity of the data that the users provide about themselves or other users; Not being responsible for damages and losses of any nature that may be due to the incorrect identity of the users and the lack of veracity, validity and authenticity of the information that users provide about themselves or make it accessible to other users.


Any natural or legal person who has requested advertising services to BestDeals12 and subscribes to the Notice Publicity Agreement at “BestDeals12.com”, who declares to know and accept the Terms, described in this document, is considered an advertiser.

The advertisers, who through the password provided by BestDeals12, can access certain services through the Web in the Conditions that it informs to him timely, as a result of the subscription Publishing Contract of Announcements in BestDeals12. In this sense, it is established that it is the responsibility of the advertiser to keep confidentiality regarding the password delivered, assuming that any consequence that could generate the use of said password, leaving BestDeals12 free of any liability in this regard.


The access and / or use of the Web is free, except for those services directed to the advertisers, which are regulated by the Notice Publicity Agreement at “BestDeals12.com”. In the event that it is requested to register information and personal data to users, for promotional reasons, such as sweepstakes and prizes, it will not be mandatory, and will not condition access to the services provided by the Web. The user declares and agrees that all information provided to BestDeals12 is true, current and accurate, and BestDeals12 is discharged of any responsibility. It should also be understood that any information, comments, suggestions, material, etc. provided by the user is non-confidential or secret; For which it is irrevocably empowered and without any restriction, to the unlimited use of the same according to law.


The ownership and copyrights on the Web and the documentation contained therein, including all trade names, logos, texts, images, audios, etc., are owned by BestDeals12 and are protected by copyright laws, Intellectual property and other applicable provisions, without the use or access to the Web and / or the services offered being attributable to the user, any right to this information.

Therefore, the user is prohibited from making copies of part or all of the Web or the information contained therein, including translations, compilations, modifications, reverse engineering, updates, exhibitions, prints, distributions, as well as any other act Involves the manipulation, copy or modification of the Web or the information contained therein, unless you have the express written authorization of BestDeals12.

5.- RIGHTS OF BestDeals12:

BestDeals12 reserves the right to change, update, delete, increase or modify in any way the information contained in the Web, as well as the format of the Web, without prior notice. In principle The Web will have an indefinite duration, however BestDeals12 can suspend or lift the Web permanently at any time, without prior notice and without any responsibility.


Minors must obtain permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, in order to use the services offered on any of the sites of BestDeals12, the latter being held liable for all acts performed by minors.


All those people, both physical and legal, who wish to include within their website any type of link, which involves a hyperlink with the Web of BestDeals12 or any of the pages that compose it must comply with the following Conditions:

No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or statements will be made on the BestDeals12 web pages, the hyperlink will only allow access to the BestDeals12 web pages and services, but you will not be able to reproduce them in any way; It will not be declared or implied that BestDeals12 has authorized the hyperlink or that has supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered or made available to the web page in which the hyperlink is established; The web page in which the hyperlink is established will not contain any brand, commercial name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to BestDeals12, except for the signs appearing in the URL; The webpage in which the hyperlink is established will not contain information or illegal content, nor will it contain content that violates any rights of third parties; The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between BestDeals12 and the owner of the Web in which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by BestDeals12 of its contents or services offered there made available to the public.


The linking devices (links, banners, buttons, etc.) that appear on the Web are intended to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the Internet, as well as to facilitate users to search and Access to information available on the Internet; These devices do not constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation for the visit of the places of destination, and therefore, BestDeals12 will not be responsible for the result obtained through these links.


BestDeals12 will not be responsible for the operation of the Web in the following cases:

Fortuitous event or force majeure;
Failure, obsolescence, lack of maintenance or improper handling of user equipment linked to this contract;
Damage caused by viruses or attacks by hackers or crackers that affect the electronic support linked to the Web;
Failure by the user of what is established in the Conditions, and its modifications.
All obligations arising between the user and the advertiser, for use of the different services offered on the Web, is the responsibility of only the two parties.
In general, any cause that is not directly attributable to BestDeals12.
BestDeals12 will only be liable for damages and damages caused to the user due to non-compliance by intent or gross negligence of the obligations under these conditions. It is established that the user is solely responsible for his use of the Web. In this sense, any damage caused by the direct or indirect use of the Web or the information contained therein, shall be the sole responsibility of the user, leaving BestDeals12 free of any liability in this regard.



The content of the Contract, as well as all data, documentation and information of any kind that the parties exchange among themselves, as a result of the formalization of this document, will be confidential during the validity of the Agreement, except for the data destined for publicity and Those on which its assignment or use by third parties has been authorized and, if applicable, any information regarding the unpaid and failed debt of THE CLIENT for the services contracted.

THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that his data is treated as advertiser, entrepreneur, merchant, industrial or professional, exclusively linked to his commercial or commercial activity.

THE CLIENT expressly accepts that its data is used to receive information about services and products of BestDeals12, or any of the companies of its Group, by telephone, email or any other means of electronic communication, as well as to perform statistics, Commercial prospecting and segmentation of markets for commercial purposes, in order to adapt them to the needs of THE CLIENT.

THE CLIENT authorizes that his data can be treated in such conditions until he expressly expresses his wish that they be eliminated, even if he does not extend his business relationship with BestDeals12.

THE CLIENT authorizes that the data provided in the Contract and the Text Sheets (name and surname or business name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number and type of activity, among others) can be used for actions Direct marketing or any other legally permitted marketing action, offering products and services of third parties, whether or not customers of BestDeals12, referred to the different sections of activity that appear in the “Yellow Pages” in different media, or be communicated to Third parties for the aforementioned purposes.

Likewise, in order to increase, as far as possible, the dissemination of advertising in any medium, THE CLIENT authorizes that the same may be communicated or facilitated its access to third parties.

THE CUSTOMER authorizes BestDeals12 to facilitate the reverse search or create with the identifying data provided in the Contract or Text Sheets, that is to say, through any of these data provided by THE CLIENT can identify any of the rest of their data.

THE CLIENT knows and authorizes BestDeals12 the possible recording and registration in its entirety by any means of the conversations that may occur in the negotiations on the formalization of the Contract and those that occur on the level of fulfillment and provision of the services by BestDeals12, Such as obtaining additional information, invitations to events, promotions or any other activity organized by BestDeals12 or any other company contracted by BestDeals12; Accepting that the same and the retention and registration of the messages do not constitute a breach of the secrecy of telecommunications, its main purpose being to obtain sufficient justification for the parties’ acceptance of commercial relations and the use of their personal data, including Means of proof for any judicial, administrative or arbitral proceedings between the parties, in accordance with the stipulations of the Personal Data Protection Law, Law No. 29733 of July 3, 2011.